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Separating Myth From Sexy Milfs Dating Facts

erzsebetMake no mistake about it, if you’re looking to date the sexy milfs on , it’s very easy to believe in all sorts of myths and misconceptions. You have to understand that guys talk a lot of bullshit. A lot of guys try to put on a show. You see, nobody wants to feel unattractive. Nobody wants to feel rejected. Accordingly, a lot of people spin fantastic yarns and tall tales about how many sexy milfs they’ve fucked.

A lot of guys like to pretend that they’re some sort of Don Juan or Casanova when it comes to sexy milfs. Well, dreaming is free. Fantasizing is free and everybody is entitled to their own delusions. But make no mistake about it, if you want to bang sexy milfs in reality instead of fantasy, you need to listen up.

You need to separate myths from facts. So if you’re going to clear away all the bullshit and just zero in on the facts, what is the number one fact that you need to keep in mind? Let me deliver it straight: women like to be adored. That’s the bottom line.

If you’re walking down a street and you see a woman, and it doesn’t matter whether she’s attractive or not, and you look her way, she feels that she got what she wanted from you. Women like to be adored. In other words, they like attention. There is nothing that drives a woman crazier than not getting the attention that she deserves.

That’s why a lot of women have daddy issues. They feel that their daddy, whether they’re the biological father or not, did not give them the proper attention, and a lot of American women develop all sorts of emotional hang-ups because of this.

Objectively speaking, their father was around. Objectively speaking, the father was physically present. But somehow, some way, they fell short because they did not get the amount of emotional validation that they feel that they deserve. That’s how powerful attention is. So if you truly want to hook up with more sexy milfs, make them feel that they have your attention.

You have to understand that there’s a big difference between perception and reality. When it comes to sex, perception is good enough. Just as long as people feel that you are giving them the right kind of attention, then they will bounce that attention back at you. Once they pay attention to you, then that’s when you can lay down the lines and communicate and get what you want.

That’s how it works. It all begins with attention because women crave it. Regardless of what they say, this is the truth. Women crave attention.

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